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Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle Puppy Contract
Ellie Goldendoodle Litter
Everyone got a bath today nails trimmed, new  colored bands
on so we are ready to visit the vet tomorrow for shots and
checkup. So you all need to call your vet to tell them you are
getting a 8 week old puppy and you vet will set you up with
the next appointment to make sure your puppy is very
healthy.  Please take a small sample of poo to be tested to
make sure its clear of any parasites. Also your puppy  is eating
ProPlan for large breed puppy. I will send a sample home with
you to make sure you get the right food..  This is very
important I started your puppy on NuVet Plus at 6 weeks of
age because when your puppy is born its immune system is
taken care of from the mom but when they start to eat on
there own the immune is vulnerable and challenged by the
stress of leaving home. also through exposure to novel
bacteria and viruses in its new home. Pets face a Lifetime of
Exposure to Free Radicals and Disease- causing
Agents.(pesticides,fertilizers,bacteria and viruses can weaken
you pets immune system. Allergens in the air, many pet foods
are made from hormones, perservative's. So all this being said
I try my very  best to start your puppy in the best shape I can
the rest is up to you. So please order your NuVet  plus tablets
to keep them healthy also use the code on the packet I will be
sending home you so i can get credit.thanks code # 39673